6 reasons to use EValue Insight

1. Enlightening

Insight illustrates a range of plausible investment outcomes to enable recommendations and better decisions.

No one can predict the future but there are things we do know which enlighten our perspective and support better choices.

  • Insight gathers information from markets, history and economic indicators and presents the implications in a coherent and accessible format.
  • Insight provides perspective, perspective enables informed decisions and informed decisions support better outcomes.
Asset forecasting

2. Realistic

Insight provides an unbiased view of investment prospects implied by current markets.

Insight is continuously updated to stay compatible with current market prices. We project both income and capital, capturing key features of a range of asset classes and the effects of investment term.

  • With dividends yields starting at current levels, bonds showing pull to par, currencies fluctuating and interest rates persisting, Insight captures markets in detail and in accord with current market prices.
  • Reflecting markets in detail and across a wide range of assets means modelling can be straightforward, direct and transparent.

3. Transparent

Insight’s structure has clear and explicit steps from market data, through asset projections to investment recommendations. Its output models investments in the clearest way possible.

Insight is delivered as a set of scenarios, each a plausible path for all quantities modelled, which together show the realistic range derived from current market expectations. With these scenarios to summarise future behaviour, applying the model to make projections and optimise investments is straightforward.

  • Investment plans can be tested against the range of outcomes from each scenario for prices, yields and interest rates.
  • Performance against specific benchmarks or targets can be tested directly according to what is important to a client.
Flexible asset modelling

4. Flexible

Insight can be deployed over multiple time horizons, for multiple goals and multiple currencies.

Insight’s comprehensive scope means that one model can address many situations and provide many views of a single situation.

  • Look at results after 5 years, 10 years, 17 years, in yen or euros, adjusted or not for inflation, in terms of income or capital appreciation.
  • Compare volatility and VaR, draw a fan chart, plot the probability of ruin.
  • Easily model complicated multi-phase situations like progressive lifestyling, drawdown and structured products.

5. Coherent

Insight is built from the ground up to ensure consistency between currencies, inflation, yields, income and capital growth.

Confidence that all projections or forecasts are on the same page and up-to date lets you focus less on the modelling and more on what the results mean.

  • Models are easy to explain, easy to manage and easy to change.
  • Updates are traceable to changing data and market developments.


stochastic forecasting

6. Proven

25 years of continuing development has delivered proven performance against risk targets for our blue chip clients.

EValue helped introduce stochastic forecasts for personal finance in the UK. Our asset allocations have driven strong risk adjusted performance and back-testing demonstrates our projections have been robust, comparing well with actual market outcomes.

  • More than 15 years providing risk targeted model portfolios.
  • More than 10 years providing asset allocations for funds.

See our scope of services and the ways Insight can be a benefit to you.

Using Insight
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