3 ways to use EValue Insight

The power of Insight can be used in three distinct and complementary ways:

forecast returns

Forecasting future returns
for a wide range of key asset categories.

Manage risk

Managing risk
for clients by comparing existing portfolios against optimum benchmarks.

Allocate assets

Allocating assets
for a given set of goals, risks, investment horizon and investment mandate.

Forecast results

Forecast Results

See what plausible outcomes might be for each key asset category

We communicate investment forecasts using numbers and diagrams to show the range of outcomes in any investment plan. Our Insight model provides forecasts for all asset categories within the wide range of investment products used to meet the objectives private investors face.

Our projections help advisers illustrate likely outcomes for their clients and help match investments to their specific needs. Clear and well grounded projections of possible returns build investor engagement with the likely implications for their investments. Effective illustrations at the outset and throughout the life of an investment plan make for easier and better investment decisions. The illustrations can also be a powerful aid to advisers communicating their advice and to product providers explaining their proposition.

Comprehensive forecast projections
We provide
  • Comprehensive projections showing all plausible outcomes by asset category and by term
  • APIs for easy integration of projections with other tools
  • Direct data, updated quarterly, for use by fund managers, financial services companies and advisers

Wherever projections are needed, we can supply them.

Risk management
Manage risk

Manage Risk

'We can highlight the probability of achieving desired outcomes and related risks for a fund or a personal portfolio.

Our fund database covers over 180,000 funds, which are far too many for a human to track. We can also use Insight to project individual funds and portfolios of funds, including discretionary assets and personal investments.

We help manage the confusion.

  • Our Fund Risk Assessor tool maps funds and portfolios to our asset model and benchmarks their risk against our standard risk mapping (or any other that our clients may wish to use) taking into account investment term and the mapping scheme, thereby helping clients understand the risk exposure of an individual fund or portfolio.
  • For fund providers, we have risk ratings to help advisers and consumers select funds which map to the appropriate risk profiles.

Allocate assets

Allocate Assets

We provide an optimum asset allocation for specific investment goals over specific durations, updated quarterly against the latest market conditions.

Whilst Insight forecasts help people see the likely outcomes for current investments, our asset allocations help them find the best fit for their specific goals, their attitude to risk and their particular concerns.

The flexibility and scope of Insight extends to our asset allocations and means we can help advisers and product providers tailor asset allocations to individual needs transparently and systematically.

Wherever projections are needed, we can supply them.

Targeted model applications
We provide
  • Risk targeted model allocations as a starting point for advisers
  • Allocations for funds, either providing:
    • a strategic base for active management
    • direct implementation and
    • online real time optimisation to match specified preferences.

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