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Insight projections are a great basis for understanding investment risks and a full projection can answer many risk related questions. Sometimes, however, that is too much information. For those, we offer a variety of tools and services that provide direct answers to specific risk related questions. These can help verify, accelerate and explain investment processes. We will highlight some examples (although there are many more things we could do).

Risk calculators

Among our APIs are calculators like our “Chance of..” and “Drawdown Age” calculators, which return probabilities of meeting specified objectives.

These help investors understand the risks they face with new plans and monitor whether existing plans are on track in relatively concrete terms.

Risk calculations
Risk rating software

We offer twin services to help understand whether funds are comparable or suitable for particular objectives and provide a link to our psychometric risk profiling.

Fund Risk Assessor

This tool uses fund asset allocation information to assign a risk level on the same scales as we use for our risk targeted model portfolios, which, in turn, correspond to the output of our risk profiling tools. It is also possible to use Fund Risk Assessor to assign risk levels to funds and portfolio using other third-party risk benchmarks.

Risk rating

With risk rating, we provide fund managers with reports detailing the risk levels of their funds on a range of terms and on the 5, 7 and 10 risk level scales for which we provide model portfolios and risk profiles.

Risk processes

Investors are not the only people with a need to manage risk, advisers do too. Insight also helps them. In addition to helping directly with delivering services to clients, Insight can be a valuable tool to help advisers manage and monitor their services:

  • Improve client communication with rich and relevant illustrations
  • Compare advice, situation and goals systematically and efficiently
  • Simplify, rationalise and justify design of processes by using a single model that allows transparent description of processes and advice and which automates high frequency maintenance.

See other ways to use Insight or contact us to arrange a demo.

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